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About Us

We are Leah and Frank, she's Filipina, he's Afrikaner. They met originally in China while teaching there. Safari has arisen in Leah's home of Mindanao. They both enjoy travelling round the 7000 islands of Philippines and to entertain and guide visitors to this tropical paradise. Leah loves cooking and creating exciting cuisine, while Frank loves martial arts, sports, writing and doing occasional TV and movie work. Education is another passion, and to uplift the good people of Mindanao! A star as bright as Leah is worth more than 6 stars for Safari.  WE invite you to relax and enjoy the simple life...

Foreign managed, on Mindanao, Philippines biggest island, home of President Duterte. Clean, green, serene, rustic and central to attractions like Enchanted River, Tinuy-An Falls, Agusan Marsh, Britania Islands, Turtle Island, Libuacan Spring, Bogac Cold Spring and many other destinations. 

Package deals including guided tours, boat trips, shooting range, martial arts and survival training, fasting, cleansing and weightloss programs. Comprehensive menu of seafoods, fruit wines, etc.

It's very SAFE, don't hesitate to come and experience the REAL PHILIPPINES!!


The space


Safari was constructed from the ground up using natural materials such as wood and bamboo. It is not a sweltering concrete box and you do Not need aircon, just enjoy the fresh air! Our vision is a place alive with people in love with this wondrous universe. Rooms are rustic and spacious, nothing over the top, but everything functional because we made it all by hand. Just relax, enjoy nature and have a good time!

Guest Access


Basically you can use Safari restaurant as your own hangout, eat, drink, watch movies, listen to music, surf the net and especially interact with our friendly and lovely locals! Just ask us if you want to visit the sites and scenery around, or want to relax with traditional Hilot Healing Massage! Interaction with guests

Please don't hesitate to make your requests, because we will try and fulfill them...if at all possible!! Be advised that we are living deep in rural Caraga, so plenty of things that you may take for granted back home, may not be commonly available, but other things may well be! Serenditiously...or whatever...

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